April 07, 2020 at 9:16am | Mike Grumbles

Gray Fox Realty

can help you buy a Home with minimum contact with our 

Virtual Home Buying Program


STEP 1. Virtual Consult
We will schedule a video call where we utilize screen video conferencing and screen sharing software to show you the MLS in real time. Use this time to take advantage of our experience and the vast amounts of data that we have access to from our desktops during this virtual consultation. We can show Google Earth, flood maps, tax data, market data, photos, and much more. The best part is you get our insightful interpretation of each of these things, which is why you want a knowledgeable REALTOR on your side to guide you through this.
STEP 2. Home Favorites
If we do not identify a home right away that meets your needs we can set you up with our website and or the MLS to email you (as they get listed) new homes matching your criteria that we establish together.
STEP 3. Electronically Sign
Gray Fox Realty has been paperless company since its inception so we are ready for this. All paperwork will be sent to you electronically and you can sign it on the Dotloop platform or if you wish you can print the attached PDF files, sign and return them to us via email. We will be available by call, text or email to answer any questions on the paperwork and to assist you in the simple signing process. You can even sign on a mobile device. We will use this all the way through the contract negotiation process and beyond as we assist you in completing the home buying process.
STEP 4. Showings, Offer, & Communication
Gray Fox Realty has the skills and tools to go out and do a 360 degree tour that you can view later from the comfort of your home or we can even do a live video tour of the home that way you don’t miss anything. This will help you safely know if this is the home for you without leaving the safety of your home. However once you have narrowed down the search if you desire we can schedule an in-person showing practicing safe distance and following strict guidelines. We also can negotiate into the contract for the tour to be after the home contract acceptance as a viewing contingency.
The following are some guidelines for an in-person showing:
  • Please DO NOT schedule a showing if feeling ill or are around someone who is.
  • We will reschedule showing if we are feeling ill or are around someone who is. (we may be able to have a different agent in GFR show the home)
  • No children to accompany on the tour, only the decision makers.
  • Agent will be the only person to turn on lights and touch anything in the home.
  • Agent and clients to remain in the same room at all times while maintaining 6’ between them for safe distancing.
  • Agent to wipe door knobs and key when locking back up.
  • We encourage client to bring their own sanitizing wipe for sanitizing after the showing.
You will receive video emails regularly after the contact for the process updates.  Text, call or email with communication and questions.
STEP 7. Inspection
Minimal contact will be utilized for the home inspection process. The inspector will have guidelines that they abide by and we will ask for your cooperation in abiding by their policy. We will not be in attendance at the inspection thus we encourage that you are not in attendance without getting prior approval to do so. We will be copied on the home inspection and are available for a conference call with inspector and you afterwards.
STEP 8. Closing Time
We will have reviewed the closing settlement statement and we are available by phone for the closing and they can video call if you have questions. We have worked with our title partners to create a minimal contact closing experience and as lenders work with them to create their strategies for accepting digital closings then we will continue working with them on implementing the latest strategies for minimal contact. Already they have in place that only the required signers attend the closing and no children and the closing process is setup for no direct contact. If you have questions or needs regarding this we can put you in communication with the title company directly.
Note we also have a program to help you SELL a home with minimal contact. 
OUR GOAL is to provide an exceptional real estate experience while we do our part to protect your family and ours and to help as a community to reduce the spread of COVID-19. By having this plan in place we are doing our part and we appreciate your help and understanding.

The US, and the world are in some uncertain times and we want to assure you that if you have housing needs that Gray Fox Realty is operating not out of fear or panic but out of compassion and taking the steps necessary to help bend the curve of the growth of this Pandemic.

As government orders are changing we will also take additional steps and make changes to our strategies to help you and still maintain proper compliance with the orders. Please feel free to contact us at 615-656-8181 to discuss your options at this time.



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