March 19, 2018 | Mike Grumbles
Gray Fox Realty can be found at http://www.GrayFoxRealty.comand this video is about how pets can be distracting during the showing of your home to potential buyers.  Gray Fox Realty will advise and counsel our sellers on all aspects of selling.  

We both love dogs at Gray Fox Realty but we do know that to sell one of your largest assets may come with some sacrifices and extra work.  As buyers agents we have been asked to watch for small dogs and cats on the property and it truly does distract from our job of showing the home to the buyers.  Therefore we ask that sellers have the pets removed from the home during showings and inspections and if it is just not possible then to please have them crated.   We are problem solvers and we can help you come up with some interesting solutions to this problem so call us at 615-656-8181 and let Gray Fox Realty sell your home.

Watch the video above for the full effect of this point as we were harassed by a neighboring dog at this showing.

No dogs were harmed in the making of this video!

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