February 8, 2018 | Mike Grumbles
Http://www.GrayFoxRealty.com is the best resource for buying and selling a home in Franklin TN in the winter.  We have experience at Gray Fox Realty with new construction all through the year in any season but we know that the winter raises unique challenges even in Franklin.  The weather can get cold enough here to freeze drywall mud in the 5 gallon buckets.  How do you think they can finish the drywall in your home if it is frozen in the buckets.  How about yards that cannot have seed and straw or sod installed due to being covered in snow and ice.  That can delay you as in Franklin the Certificate of Occupancy isn't issues without a front yard install.  There are countless reasons to get your new home delayed and we can help you forecast for them and even react and get things back on track after the unexpected happens.  Thanks for watching the video and please subscribe today to our channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/franklintnrealestateguide



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